Meet the Team

Covenant Evangelical Presbyterian Church is blessed with a wonderful leadership team.

Richard Mortimer
Richard Mortimer

Richard was born in Iowa, raised in California, and went to seminary in Kentucky. He served churches in Kansas City, Missouri and in Blue Earth, Minnesota. Richard has lived in Tecumseh for 27 years, which makes it the longest time he's ever lived in any one place. He wouldn't have it any other way, because this has been where God wants him to be.

His wife, Lori, was born in California. They have traveled this joyful road together, since they were married in 1978. They have two sons; one born in Kansas, the other, Minnesota. Both of their granddaughters were born in Lenawee County. Home is where the heart is. This is home.

Ben Nicols
Ben Nicols

Ben is a multi-discipline artist/musician originally from Brooklyn. In 2005 he was called to serve Covenant Church by God's direct guidance. He still finds himself amazed at God's providence; considering it a privilege to be employed in a position that seems tailor made for his gifting.

His family consists of beloved wife Emily and children Noah, Christian, Aaron and Adeline.

Michelle Brady
Michelle Brady

Elders of the Church

Brian Bertram

Jim Brink

Lorie Easton

Walt Fischoff

Linda Knape

Eric Korte

Steve Olds

Debra Phillips

Joe Schim